10 PSD to HTML tutorials for the Beginners

Now a days, there is a great demand of converting a PSD file to a HTML/CSS template. The most efficient way to develop a site is with a layered PSD file. The good news for developers is that they can easily manipulate the design and adjust the color palettes without having to spend lengthy amounts of coding. The design is already there for them and all they have to do is convert it from the PSD file to Html.

There are many tutorials in web where anyone can learn how to convert such. But for a beginner, it is really difficult to find those tutorials which will be really helpful for him. I have tried to find some of those tutorials for the beginners. I hope beginners will be really benefited if they go through those tutorials with an active mind:

1. How to Code a Clean Portfolio Design

PSD to HTML Tutorial

2. PSD to HTML Tutorial: Code a Photoshop File to a Working Website

PSD to HTML Tutorial

3. Coding a brand website created in Photoshop

PSD to HTML Tutorial

4. Code a corporate website from a Photoshop design

PSD to HTML Tutorial

5. How to Code up a web Design from PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML Tutorial

6. Convert a Stylish Personal Website from PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML Tutorial

7. Convert a Fantastic PSD Web Template from PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML Tutorial

8. Tutorial: how-to code your PSD into a HTML-CSS layout

PSD to HTML Tutorial

9. From PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML Tutorial

10. PSD to HTML Conversion: Code a clean business website design

PSD to HTML Tutorial


Photoshop Touch: Photoshop in Smartphone

Photoshop in Smartphone

A Smartphone

Good news for those who are fond of Smartphone. Now it is possible to use Photoshop, the most popular software for images editing, in Smartphone too. Adobe Systems Incorporated has launched Smartphone usable version of Photoshop. Named as ‘Photoshop Touch‘, it can be used in the version of Android – powered Smartphone. In addition, it can be used in iOS – driven iPhone and iPod touch.  Before this, Adobe brought a special version of Photoshop for Tablet computer.

Vice-President of Adobe for Product and Creative Media Solutions, Winston Hendrickson said, ‘ At present, Smartphone has been considered as the primary place for the users of photography and editing. For this reason, this version of Photoshop has been introduced to provide the special facility for editing images with Photoshop in Smartphone.’

Photoshop Touch can be downloaded as Smartphone application (app). Its Size is much smaller too. Just like tablet and desktop versions of Photoshop, this app too consists of useful features like Filter, Layer, adjustment, selection tools etc. Anyone can quickly combine images, apply professional effects, and share the results with  through social networking sites. Another popular facility has been added in the software. That is, the app will support cloud technology.  Though the special version of Photoshop has been launched for the Android and iOS – powered Smartphone, it is not known yet when Photoshop will launched such version for Windows powered-Smartphone. The price of Photoshop Touch is us $ 4.99 for Smartphone and us $ 9.99 for Tablets.

To Know more and download,you may visit Here

Top 5 link building Tips for effective SEO

Now a days, link building has become an important part of Off Page Search Engine Optimization. Nobody can expect a good number of traffic to his website without Effective link to high PR website. Link building is essential but will not effective if they are built in low PR site. It is said that, a back link in PR5-PR10 is better than a hundred of PR0 site back-links. Again, back-links should be Do-Follow; No-Follow links will bring no good result. Here, I am mentioning 10 tips for effective link building for our web/blog site which are basic and do-must:

1.  Put some effort to make the content of your site easy to understand and minimize grammatical or spelling errors so many people can understand your message if you need authoritative people like librarians, editors etc. to link to your site.

2. Submit the site to some directories that allow free submissions. Don’t run after paid directories. Just remember, Paid or free, our target is quality, not quantity.

List of some High PR Directories:











3. Rent some high quality links from a broker or. Rent some high quality links directly from Web sites.

4. Join some high PR, Signature allowed Do-Follow forums which are related to your blog/website. Join some discussions regularly within the forum. After a few days, you will be able to put some links there.

List of some High PR forums:











5. One of the easiest but highly effective ways of link building is to join some high PR social bookmarking site and add some links to those sites.

List of some High PR social bookmarking site:











Pope’s Resignation

Pope Benedict ResignPope Benedict XVI, the supreme leader of Catholic Church and also Sovereign of the Vatican City State, resigns yesterday. The confirmation of his resignation was declared On 11 February 2013,  becoming the first pope to resign since 1415. The reason of his resignation is nothing but his advanced age. He was the 265th leader of more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide. He has been known as the pope of aesthetics. He was elected as the Pope on 19 April 2005. Before him, John Paul II was the pope.  His (Benedict XVI) successor will be chosen in a conclave which will be taken place in March’2013.

Some important of Pope Benedict XVI :

  • Born                      16 April 1927
  • Birth place             Marktl, Bavaria, Germany
  • Nationality             German
  • Full name              Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger
  • Interest                   Classical Music
  • Famous Book      Jesus of Nazareth